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Traveling is my passion (thats why I'm here). Firstly, i am believing in social works and its role in developing peoples lives,I express great interest in culture and projects connected to it. I am always amazed how you can observe different cultural differences and how they influence you and make you experience life in a unique way. Plus i have been a project manager in a cultural project, which aims for cultural development I have been dealing with culture and arts associations which the interns get to work with in order to strengths the organizational structure of these associations and accordingly empowering the Egyptian culture, so basically I'm concerned about cultural identity and I love sharing my culture and get to know other i think i have the proper cultural experience that would be needed in this project. Everybody is my friend (doesn't matter what age). Very friendly and open minded, love being involved in groups, relish a challenge would like to do anything Extraordinary ,Nature Lover. Facebook:

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