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Budapest 8:00

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Hungary / Budapest    Jászai Mari Square Port No. 1. (Pest side)    8:00

We would like to invite you to spend New Year’s Eve in a splendid way! We created a special program which combines Hungary’s cultural treasures with Budapest's unparalleled atmosphere.

Budapest, the "Pearl of the Danube" is peaceful and bustling, a big metropolis and still a friendly city. The historic meets the modern here, the hills harmonize with the river, which flows through the city. Budapest’s incomparable beauty prompted UNESCO to place it on the World Heritage list. The best way to see all this beauty is to take a ship cruise.

Our New Year’s Eve is organised on our ship, the entertainment is garanteed by the award-winning Hungária Orchestra and Folk Ensemble. Through the performed dances you can gain insight into the folk music, dance and costume heritage of Hungary. Besides Hungarian culture you will meet people from different countries with whom you will celebrate this unforgettable evening. The Orchestra will also provide the opportunity to dance.

Meeting point: Jászai Mari Square Port No. 1. (Pest side) - Millenium I, Millenium II, Halászbástya and Szentendre boats. The gala dinner begins at 20:30. Boarding starts at 19:00.

During the evening, the ship will cruise from 23:30 for second time, and you will spend the New Year's Eve on the Danube.

After the performances the boat will dock at the Jászai Mari Square.

Welcome the New Year with us while cruising in the middle of the Danube at midnight, surrounded by the magnificent atmosphere of Budapest!

The price includes bus transfer after the New Year’s Eve party back to your hotel.

Date: 31st December 2014


  • 19:00 - 19:30 Boarding from Jászai Mari Square No. 1. Taking your place at the boat (welcome drink at arrival)
  • 20:30 – 22:00: The waiters going to serve the Gala Dinner (based on your pre-choice)
  • 22:00 - 22:30 or 22:30 - 23:00 Hungarian Folklore Performance of the professional dancers from the Hungária Folk Ensemble and Orchestra
  • 22:00 – 23:45: Raffle games (one raffle ticket cost 1 € or 300 HUF) Draw before midnight.
  • 23:45 - 0:45: The boat leaves and our guests spend the New Year’s Eve on the Danube, and the midnight dinner will be served on the buffet table.
  • From 00:55: Party until dawn with DJ (for the rest of the evening the boats are staying at the ports).
  • From 01:00: Transfer back to your hotel. The transfer buses will leave once in every hour starting from 01:00 AM, and our guides will help you to find your bus. 

(e.g.: If you would like to leave to your hotel with the 1 o’clock transfer, then you need to be ready at 00:45)

During the night different kinds of music will be provided by 3 members of the „Zoltán Kodály” price awarded Hungária Orchestra.


  • Hungarian Folk Performance - The Music Will Be Given by the „Zoltán Kodály" award - winning Hungária Orchestra
  • DJ

The rest of the evening the boat will be docked at the port of Jászai Mari Square.

OPEN BAR operates during the evening

Gala Dinner Menu:

Cold appetizer

Layered goose-liver terrine with spinach and truffle served on a bed of salad and with truffle oil


Goose consommé with maces balls and julienne vegetables

Warm appetizer

Seafood paella

Strawberry sorbet with fresh mint

Main course

Red meet version

Beef tenderloin variations on a citrus reed stick with coriander-peanut dip and vinaigrette sauce, served with baby vegetables rolled up in bacon and potato au gratine

Poultry version

Grilled breast of guinea-fowl with coriander-peanut dip and vinaigrette sauce, served with baby vegetables rolled up in bacon and potato au gratine


Wild fruits and Cointreau-vanilla cream in a crispy chocolate core

Vegetarian menu:

Cold appetizer

Vegetable tartare layered with tomato mousse based on a slice rye-bread served with vinaigrette sauce and parmesan chips


Horseradish cream soup with red beet balls

Warm appetizer

Vegetable paella

Strawberry sorbet with fresh mint

Main course

Chickpea and pumpkin pudding served with baby vegetables and blue-cheese sauce


Wild fruits and Cointreau-vanilla cream in a crispy chocolate core

Important information about the Menu:

Please let us know your decison about the menu option (red meat or poulty or vegetarian option), your nationality, hotel name. Please send us an email with these information to

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2014.12.31 19:00


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