Old Fatimid Cairo tour. "What's beyond Cairo"

Cairo 3:00

About the tour

Egypt / Cairo    Inside Al Azhar Mosque Open Air area , ( Could Change According to Traveler's Conditions )    3:00

An ِAmazing TOUR through OLD TIMES.Walk with us on 1000 years old Streets,spectacular Monuments,oriental buildings and spiritual atmosphere..Experience Cairo as you don´t know before,and know THE ISLAMIC CULTURE .from a near spot.

These are some highlights of our amazing tour : 

Al Azhar mosque:
one of the most important mosques in Islamic world because of it's Islamic schools. and actually there's a lot to say about this mosque, and I'll do my best to tell about it.

See all Cairo from the minaret of al-Ghuri mosque:
al-Ghuri complex: it consist from a lot of amazing buildings, here in this link, u can read a lot about it in details http://www.touregypt.net/ghurimosque.htm
but the awesome thing is that we'll climb the minaret of the mosque and see all over Cairo.

Have a look at Abu el Dahab complex:
actually it's a mosque, old mall, hotel and Sabil for Camels.

Enter Sabil Muhammad Ali "5 L.E for students 10 L.E for tourists":
unfortunately a few people know about this wonderful Sabil, it's simply was a place to get the water, but the amazing thing is that, we'll get down down down to see the water cistern :D it's completely new experience, also we'll see the old Egyptian school class inside this Sabil.

Walk through this area -my favorite part- :
this area is just a simple model the Egyptian life at the 9th century, that's what Im call beyond Cairo, we'll see a lot, markets, a lot of mosques, very old mosques, narrow streets where's no places for dirty cars and finally amazing Egyptians :D :)

Al-Muayyad mosque:

Bab Zuweila "Zuweila's gate" "the event's picture":
the biggest and most active Cairo's gate for a long of centuries

Do u have a Camera!
well, I want to surprise u guys with this highlight ;)

Khan el-Khalili "the Egyptian bazaar":
where u can enjoy the middle eastern markets and buy an awesome souvenirs. it's very famous place of course, no need to write a lot.

Walking through Al-Muizz st. :
it's simply a greatest concentration of medieval architectural treasures in the Islamic world.
also it's regarded as one of the biggest open air museum in the world :D

Al-Hakim Mosque, a great, relaxing, spacious mosque.

Bab al Futuh "Futuh's gate":
another gate for Cairo, but this gate was for the armies.

Tour availability

Every Week , Better On Friday and Saturday , ( Manage it With Surfers Availability days )

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Old Cairo Old PicturesOld Cairo Old PicturesOld Cairo Old PicturesAl-Azhar MosqueBab ZuweilaMuhammad Ali’s Sabilal-GhuriKhan el-KhaliliMosque Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah Mosque of Sultan al-MuayyadPhotos from realityPhotos from realityPhotos from realityPhotos from realityPhotos from realityPhotos from realityPhotos from reality
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Your guide

Sohaib Ahmed - Mohamed Gouda - Mahmoud El Fishawy

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