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The Religion Compound is one of the most picturesque and charming areas in the whole of Cairo. It consists of a small area built around the remains of the old Roman fortress of Babylon on the Nile, and contains pretty much all of the tourist sights ofOld Cairo (also known as Coptic Cairo, and Fustat). 

Also includes a fortress of Babylon, who founded the museum in 1910by Mark thickPasha, to the importance of a place of expanding to include groups of relics of the Christian era that is stored in a hall near the Hanging Church, and to facilitate thestudy of the history of Christianity in Egypt.

The area of ​​the Coptic Museum College, which tracks the history of Christianity in Egypt, about 8000 m as the number of its collection approximately 16,000 preferredarranged according to the qualities to twelve departments, offered a presentationscientifically takes into account the chronological order, the most important exhibitsBook of Psalms of David, which has allocated a separate room

And complete the complex religious effects the three monotheistic religions theresynagogue, which was originally a temple, then turned to the church until the reign ofAhmad ibnTulun, and returned again a temple after he bought the Jewish communityand its leader at that time Abraham Ben Ezra, and this is called the temple is also the Temple of Ben Ezra 
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The Religion Compound is littered with monuments from all three of the main monotheistic religions, as well as the Coptic Museum and the Coptic Cemetery. Some of the more famous churches here include the Greek Church of St George(one of the few round churches still in existence in the region) and the Hanging Church (with its famous suspended nave). The Amr Ibn el-Aas Mosque is located just north of the compound, and was the first mosque ever built in Egypt (although it has been destroyed and rebuilt numerous times). 

Make sure you head down the passageway to the left of the Church of St George: it takes you in to a maze of exquisite cobbled lanes that wind past numerous other religious buildings. Must-see monuments here include the Church of Saints Sergius and Bacchus (believed to be the oldest in Cairo, and built on the spot where Jesus and his family rested after their flight to Egypt), the Church of St Shenuti, and the beautiful Ben Ezra Synagogue

The Religion Compound can be reached by taxi (ask for Fustat) or by Metro: Mar Girgis Station is directly opposite the Coptic Museum

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