Marrakech from a local perspective.

Marrakesh 4:00

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Morocco / Marrakesh    in front of Cafe France. the big square    4:00

You will enjoy a unique city center walk between very narrow streets full of culture in the old medina. I can let you tast some of the local foods in a local place just for locals and enjoy some beatiful parks of the town. We will have a look at the sooks (the traditional market) in the heart of the city. And if you which it, we can also have a look at the tanner area from where everything starts. In addition to this you will discover how the real local live and make living. Moreover I still open for any suggested places you have in your mind.
all what I have mentioned dont need a penny to pay for entrence, I will make it as cheap as possible ;)
If you expect historical lessons or commercial guiding, this is not the right tour for you. 

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