The Paris of Napoléon III and Haussmann

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France / Paris    Opéra, Paris    2:00

Have you ever heard of an 'Haussmannian boulevard" or an "Haussmannian architecture"? You're still wondering what it is all about? Or you just want to have an historical approach of Paris nice places like Opéra and Grands Boulevards?

Then this tour is made for you!

You'll understand much about modern Paris, you'll be impressed by the scope of the renovation that took place in Paris during the 19th century, you'll know the reasons, the hurdles, the consequences, see in situ and compare with old pictures, discover amazing architectures, learn a lot about Parisians, Paris and France in various domains.

This tour will also be an opportunity for you to ask many questions about Paris, to get a lot of anecdotes, discover hidden backyards, stairs and accesses.

The tour will be mainly a walking tour, but we can also have a break in a Café decorated in accordance with 19th century's decoration.

During the tour (or the breaks), we will refer to a selection of pictures (modern ones or from the old timesn taken by me, from museums or books, ...) to be displayed on a tablett.

Many options are available (visit of parts of a museum related to the subject, cycling part, adaptation to an audience including children, ...), just contact me if you want something more specific.

You'll finally be able to impress your friends at every corner of Paris!

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