Hidden Helsinki (Tour in Tram)

Helsinki 4:00

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Finland / Helsinki    Outside the Vlatava Restaurant right outside Helsinki Central railway station    4:00

Note: Customers are expected to buy the day ticket from the automatic machines or kiosks in advance before they meet me for the tour.

The Hidden Helsinki tour is aimed at visitors who wish to see sites off the beaten path. While I would say that sites are not exceptionally exotic, these will definitely give you a better view of Finnish life. Finns are simple people, and share simple joys. They also love nature, silence and privacy. In contrast one of the worlds top hipster destination is also in Helsinki.

Tour starts at the Helsinki railway station. Here I will show you a natural exhibit that dates back 400 million years ago.

Then we board trams and visit the following 

1. Lamb Island - A small island on the east coast of Helsinki, known for tiny summer houses where locals relish peace and privacy. The path to the island is also an example of the swamps found all over Finland. One can also climb up the bird watching tower to get a good view of the landscape.

2. Hipster district - The Hipster district of Kallio is full of bars, eateries etc. The grey granite Kallio church from 1912 is one of the most prominent landmarks of Helsinki. You would not be able to get the actual feel of the place during the day, but consider this a field trip to familiarize yourself with the place and mark your spots for the evening bar crawl, if you intend to do one. The bars in Kallio are considered cheaper than other parts of Helsinki.

3. Kaivopuisto Park - Final destination on the tour, I will show you the highlights of the park, tell you a bit of history and we can then stop for coffee in cafe right by the sea. 

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