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Istanbul is an enchanting city of ancient beauty and modern charm . . .. . .

if you know where to look.Let the experts and artists of Istanbul Life ORG takes you on a tour of this diverse city, specially tailored for the photographer or videographer.

We can show you the photogenic side of Istanbul – the mesmerizing blur of dervishes in their whirling dance, the dazzle of the wares of the bazaar, the delicate beauty of long-forgotten gems of classical architecture hidden in the maze of city streets, the serene faces of old men relaxing in the smoke-filled haze of a teahouse, birds-eye views of Istanbul’s scenic panoramas.

With your own private guide, you will know where to go, when to go, how to get there and exactly how to get the most out of your visit – from behind the lens.

Professional photographer or photo enthusiast, we will work with you to create an itinerary that will take you quickly and easily to the heart of what you seek, and save you valuable time and effort which would be better spent framing the perfect subject, lining up the exact angle, and discovering that special quality of light that will make your Istanbul photos more than just snapshots in a soon-forgotten album.

With our intimate knowledge of Istanbul , its places and people, sights and highlights, we can help you capture on film the mysterious and elusive qualities of this timeless city.

Idea : This tour is for professional, semi professional photographers or the people who is interested in taking pictures. Istanbul Life ORG trained staff will take you to the interesting places, great visuals, interesting people. It is going to be an unique experience walking in the streets of istanbul with your camera.

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