FAQ for travellers

Here you can find tours from locals from different cities and countries.
  • see unusual places that usually not written in the guidebooks
  • no crowds of tourists and large groups, without the hassle
  • be able to mingle with the locals, learn in what places should go, and where it is not necessary
  • usually local prompt you how you can save a good (public transport, food, etc.)
  • practice your language skills
  • make friendships and continue to communicate in the future
To begin, select the country where you want to go. Then you will be taken to a page with a list of excursions. Select for how many people you want to pick up the tour. You can filter them by price \ category. Under each sentence displayed total price for a specified number of people.
Select a country on the main page or in the menu. This will take you to the search page, select an interesting tour for you. On the tour page you will see the form in which you specify the date and time at which you would like to attend this tour. Then select the number of persons and check your entries. You will see the final price, click on the Send request button. At this stage you do not need to pay anything. Date and time can be changed in the future.
Once you have sent a request, the guide will be notified. If the date or time, it does not fit, you can discuss them in a live chat.
  • If the guide satisfied with the date and time he approves the order and you can pay it.
  • If the guide not satisfied with the date and time, you can discuss it in chat mode. Next Guide approves the order with the modified data. You will need to accept these changes, then the order status changes to Approved by guide.
On the order page located live chat, where you can discuss any questions about tour with your guide.
After receiving the order status "Accepted" you need to pay this order.
Before making any changes, discuss them with the guide in chat mode. If you need to modify the order's 'data, use the link "Send request for changes" on the order page. Guide will be notified about your desire to change the order. Guide can accept or reject changes.
Visit page "Refund policy" for infromation about tour cancellation.
After you have paid for the tour you will just have to wait for the day of the tour. On the order page, you can see the phone number and e-mail of your guide, save them. Do not forget to print the order page, it shows time and place of meetings and contacts of the guide.
First check that you are not mistaken with time and place of the meeting.
If everything is correct, try contacting the guide is available to you ways:
  • call
  • send sms
  • send e-mail
If you have the opportunity, please contact our support team, we will try to solve the problem.
If all of the above failed, do not worry. Within 24 hours, we kindly ask you to contact our support team. You can do it from the order page. We will refund you full amount of the order, if you have met the above conditions.