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Tripstota is a new travel community marketplace that invites you to get tours from local people around the world!

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What is a Tripstota Ambassador?

We are looking for ambitious people to help us build a community about local guiding. As a an Ambassador, you’ll play a key role in identifying and setting up partnerships with events and venues around your city. Your curator will arm you with all of the tools needed to make you successful.

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Want to earn money, but can't conduct tours?
  • Compensation is 100% performance based and dependent on experience (details will be provided after you apply).
  • You will be payed after any traveler's actions
  • You will earn bonus points after guide's actions. You can spent it in our Bonus Store.

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Our goal to collect at Tripstota unusual and interesting tours by locals around the world. You do not need to think how occupy yourself while traveling. With local guides you can plunge into the real world and life of the country you are visiting.

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It's exciting and interesting to be a local guide. Except a serious additional income (you set the price of the tour on your own), you can also make new friends and practice foreign languages. We are waiting for the guides, who open to experimentation and ready to add theirs tours to our site :)

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What is Tripstota?

Tripstota is a website that connects local guides and travelers looking for unusual tours.

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All payments are made via PayPal. It provides additional security for both travellers and guides. We do not store your credit card data.

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We ask users to provide their data, such as phone number and accounts in social networks. Also, every traveler can write a review about his guide.

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Our support team is ready to come to help you at any moment! Please contact us if you have any questions. In emergency situations is available to call us.